Klinik 1Malaysia Serian : we continue to provide more for district, rural areas

Klinik 1Malaysia Serian

It was another interesting moment when I visited Klinik 1Malaysia Serian yesterday. K1M is located about 5 minutes from Hospital Serian. Like other K1M, it provides basic primary care services to cater for minor illnesses like upper respiratory tract infection etc. Procedures like blood cholesterol, blood glucose, wound dressing and nebulisation for asthmatic patients can also be done. The clinic was opened since late last year and it managed to attract so far between 1,100 and 1,300 clinic attendance per month. As usual the services are highly subsidised and patients only pay very minimal amount of RM 1 (Malaysian citizen). I am glad to know that even a small district in Sarawak like Serian is never neglected and we hope we can provide more, better and accessible services to district and rural areas.





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