Press Statement MMC : No directive to reduce intake of medical students


1. I refer to the article published in the New Straits Times, on the 19 August 2014, Page 9 – “Drop in intake for medical degrees”

2. The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) would like to clarify that all accredited medical schools in Malaysia have been given approval for a specific quota in terms of number of students to be enrolled every academic year. The quota is determined by their teaching capacity, and takes into consideration among others the lecturers to student ratio, and also the students to hospital beds ratio to ensure that students get adequate clinical teaching.

3. For the public medical schools in Malaysia the total size of the approved quota is 1,550 student intake annually, and is distributed among the 11 Public Universities with 13 medical programs (UM 180, UKM 200, USM 300, UPM 100, UNIMAS 120, UIA 140, UMS 90, UiTM 230, USIM 80, UNIZA 60, UPNM 50). The approved quota was decided based on their ability to comply with the accreditation guidelines for medical programmes.

4. MMC has never given any directive to any of the public universities/public medical schools to reduce their intake of the medical students. They are free to enroll the students in accordance with the quota approved for them, provided they are in compliance with the accreditation guidelines mentioned above, especially in relation to the students lecturer ratio and also the ratio of students to the hospital beds.

5. The issue of oversupply does not arise as long as the public universities comply with the approved quotas and the accreditation requirements, which is important in ensuring the quality of medical graduates so that patients are provided safe and quality care.

Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah
Malaysian Medical Council

23 August 2014

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  1. Dear MMC,

    Is it possible that the oversupply issue is due to the students graduated from the private schools and those from oversea, eg : Egypt.

    As we all know, there are agencies that help our SPM leavers who didn’t meet the requirement to pursue MBBS in our public universities to go to oversea (Egypt, Russia, etc) and study medicine there.

    How do MMC handle with this issue?


  2. The press statement made was to address the public medical schools. MMC has allocated the maximal intake of students however the respective medical school can take less than the number allocated. The role of MMC is to ensure the quality of medical graduate. As for private and foreign medical schools what is more important is to enforce the minimal qualification in the entrance to medical schools as required by MMC. Failing that we perhaps may not register or employ them in our public service.


  3. I think it’s not the oversupply of medical graduates (bcoz we can never have enough doctors), it’s the undersupply of government hospital. Just look at the ratio of doctors and patient in malaysia.


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