Day: August 27, 2014

Press Statement Director General of Health: Alternative Pathway in Medical Post Graduate Training

“Parallel Pathway” is an alternative training pathway to produce more medical specialist in Malaysia. Today marks another milestone in postgraduate training particularly in Cardiothoracic surgery, when Malaysian Association of Thoracic and Cardiothoracic Surgery with College of Surgeons Malaysia, Academy of Medicine Malaysia and Royal College of Surgeon (Edinburgh […]

Speech by DG : New Paradigm in Public Health Nutrition, Towards Competent Policy and Practice

This speech was read by Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah Director General of Health Malaysia in Opening Ceremony 4th International Public Health Conference: “New Paradigm in Public Health Nutrition: Towards Competent Policy and Practice”, Wednesday, 27 August 2014, 10.00 am, Putrajaya Bismillahirahmanirrahim Yang Berbahagia Prof. Dato’ Dr Raymond […]