Dr Shin, Regional Director of WHO for Western Pacific visit to Sarawak…

Regional Director of World Health Organization for the Western Pacific, Dr Shin Young-soo begins his three day visit to Sarawak today. Sarawak is one of the 14 states in Malaysia. It has the largest land area and measured 124,449 sq km and has a population of 2.62 million people. Its cities and major urban centres are densely populated, while the rural and remote areas are very sparsely populated, giving an average population density of 20 people per sq km.

Sarawak has 11 administrative Divisions headed by its administrative head known as the Resident. Each Division has between two to three Districts – giving a total of 31 Districts throughout the State. Each District is headed by a District Officer.

Sarawak State Health Department has 11 Divisional Health Offices headed by a Public Health Physician holding the post of Divisional Health Officer. Under them, are District Health Offices headed by District Health Officer, who at the moment is a non-Public Health Physician.

Sarawak State Health Department under the leadership of its State Health Director has a total of 2,509 approved posts of which 19,861 posts have been filled (88.2%).


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