Track what you eat with MyNutriDiari


Based on the National Health Morbidity Survey, obesity among adults in Malaysia has risen from 4.4% (1996) and 14% (2006) to 15.1% in 2011. As we all know, unhealthy food intake is one of the main causes for obesity.


MyNutriDiari app was today launched by the Honourable Minister of Health in conjunction with the healthy eating campaign for Chinese New Year

The “MyNutriDiari” has been developed by the Nutrition Division, Ministry of Health as an interactive smartphone application to educate the public on healthy eating. Through this app, users can monitor their calorie intake, body weight, recommended daily calorie requirement based on body weight, body weight status and physical activity level. The advantages of this homegrown app is the useful calorie information of favourite Malaysian foods, healthy recipes, barcode scanning of food items to know their nutritional values, purchase health education materials and recipe books and a platform to interact with the Nutrition Division and share your data with family, friends and social media to better motivate you in achieving your ideal healthy weight.
MyNutriDiari is now available for Android users via Google Play Store, with expected release for iOS via the App Store in June 2015.

To get healthy diet tips and facts, follow the Nutrition Division on:

FB: Bahagian Pemakanan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

Instagram: bahagianpemakanan

YouTube: Bahagian PemakananKKM

Twitter @BhgPemakananKKM

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