MH17: Ministry of Health Malaysia was part of the negotiation team

#Throwback 2014..MOH Malaysia was part of the Negotiation Team

From the Desk of the Director-General of Health Malaysia

A Malaysian Airline (MAS) aircraft codenamed MH17 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed at about 9.00 pm Malaysian time (3.00 pm Ukrainian time) killing all 298 people on board including all of it crew members. It was postulated that the plane was being shot down by a missile. The remains of the victims were recovered by the pro-Russian Separatist and were transferred into a temporary refrigerated storage facilities made up of train coaches in Torres, Ukraine.

A team comprising of 12 selected Malaysian government officials, one of whom was a senior official from the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH), were deployed into a covert operation to Donestz on 20th July 2014, to negotiate with the party in control of the area for the release of the victim remains, acquisition of the black boxes and access to the crash site for the purpose of air-crash investigations. The special team mission…

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