MH17: What’s inside the DVI facility?

#Throwback from 2014…MH17: What’s Inside the DVI Facility?

From the Desk of the Director-General of Health Malaysia

Disaster Victims Identification (DVI) is done very systematically. The facility is also arranged in such a way to ensure data is protected and kept systematically as well. These are some of general description on what happen at antemortem data centre, postmortem data centre, mortuary and reconciliation centre…

The Data Centre was established at Building 11 Hilversum Camp which housed the main server, antemortem (AM) Centre, postmortem (PM) Data Entry Centre and Reconciliation Centre. Each team was given 10 computer workstations to perform their tasks. All data was consolidated at the Data centre.

AM Centre
The AM centre was headed by AM executive officer. The ante mortem data sent by respective AM team from each country was managed by AM section comprising of members from every participating country. There were 4 Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) officers involved in AM Section in Hilversum. The AM personnel will key in all data available into…

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