Malaysia’s Intervention Note on Viral Hepatitis at the 66th Session of WPRO Regional Committee Meeting 12-16th Oct 2015

The following is the intervention note by the YB Minister of Health Malaysia on 13th October 2015 for the Agenda Item on Viral Hepatitis at the 66th Session of WPRO Regional Committee Meeting




12 – 16 OCTOBER 2015

IMG_2015-10-13 11:37:32

Agenda Item No.   :    9.0

Title                        :    Viral Hepatitis

Ref. Document      :    WPR/RC66/4 @ 11 Sept. 2015

Intervention Note :

Malaysia, reflecting on the fact that the hepatitis landscape has changed over the years; the success of the immunisation program; and the fact that many Member States are at various stages of health system development; I applaud the move in the proposed regional action plan, especially by focusing on the population at-risk such as injecting drug user.

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Sixty-sixth session of the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific opened in Guam October 12, 2015. Read the Press Release here

I would like to highlight the need for more surveillance and epidemiological data, so countries can make evidence-informed choice in offering effective treatment options and programs. It is necessary that the accessibility of these treatment options is safeguarded.

I would like to conclude, echoing the suggestion by Regional Director, that we should take a positive measure to reduce the cost of hepatitis treatment, especially for Hepatitis C. There is a need of global intervention to reduce the cost and safeguard the accessibility of this treatment options.

With these words, Malaysia would like to support the regional action plan.

Thank you very much.

Prepared by:

Name                  :        YB  Datuk Seri S. Subramaniam, Minister of Health Malaysia

Date                    :        13 October 2015

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