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Press Statement President of MMC 17th February 2017 – Seven Doctors Held by MACC For Falsifying Certificate

The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) would like to refer to the news published in the Star on the 16 February 2017, “Seven docs held for falsifying fitness certificate”, in relation to the arrest of the seven medical practitioners in the state of Penang by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC), due to the alleged falsely certifying the fitness of bus and taxi drivers without proper examination.

The MMC views the news very seriously and very unbecoming, as the alleged act is against the ethic of medical practice as provided under the Guidelines for the Good Medical Practice and contradict the provision of the Code of Professional Conduct of the registered medical practitioners.

The MMC will follow through the outcome of the investigation by the MACC and the ultimate outcome of the court proceeding, which is anticipated to take place. Subjected to the outcome of the court proceeding, as prescribed in the Medical Act 1971, the Council Investigation Committee will decide accordingly on the fate of the errant practitioners and the outcome may range from reprimand, suspension of the license to practice and may also lead to the revocation of the registration. Such an action if is proven is categorised as neglect or disregard of the professional responsibilities, which is a form of infamous conduct of the registered medical practitioners. As such, the Council will decide on the penalty that suits such finding.

All members of the medical fraternity and the registered medical practitioners should view this news as a serious reminder and to continue to adhere to the Guidelines on the Good Medical Practice, and to comply with the Code of Professional Conduct of the medical practitioners. This is to ensure that they continue to safeguard the safety of the patients, which is of utmost importance to a medical practitioner.


President, Malaysian Medical Council,

Director General of Health Malaysia

17 February 2017

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