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Press Statement DG of Health 24th July 2017 – Bridging The Gap Between Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) and Managed Care Organisations (MCOs)

The Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to inform that a meeting was held earlier today to address numerous issues related to Managed Care Organisation (MCO). This meeting was held between the MOH, the MMC, medical professional bodies (MMA, PERDIM, FPMPAM and MPCAM) and major MCOs (PMCare, AIA, Asia Assistance, MiCare and FOMEMA). The Honorable Minister of Health has chaired the meeting and proposed the following:

  1. The contractual agreement between Registered Medical Practitioners (RMP) and MCOs should stipulate that the professional fees are in accordance to the amended 7th Schedule, Private Healthcare Facilities and Services (Private Medical Clinics or Private Dental Clinics) Regulations 2006 once the amended schedule comes into force;
  2. The Director General of Health shall keep a registry of MCOs registered with MOH, and all RMPs should only engage or enter into a contractual agreement with MCOs which are registered with the MOH;
  3. The MCOs and the medical professional bodies to negotiate and formulate a common contractual agreement which does not contravene the Medical (Amendment) Act 2012, the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998, Code of Professional Conduct and the Ethical Guidelines by the MMC. The MOH as third party observer shall oversee this negotiation to ensure that the contractual agreement does not contravene the said Acts and Guidelines; and
  4. RMPs will be informed on the implementation of the above through circular issued by Director General of Health in time.



24th July 2017

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