Membership of the Malaysian Medical Council Under the Medical Act 1971

The Medical Act 1971 (the Act) provides for 33 members to represent medical practitioners throughout Malaysia from various sectors including the public sector and the private sector within the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

Members are from those appointed by the Minister of Health, from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Higher Education and the private health sector. In addition to those appointed, there are members who are determined by elections. This provides an opportunity for medical practitioners from institutions other than the two Ministries mentioned above to have a vote in the Council and to determine the direction of the medical profession in Malaysia.

The duration of each membership is 3 years.

With the culmination of the elections to determine 6 additional members to represent Peninsular Malaysia on 27 January 2018, the membership of the Council is now complete as follows:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.17.39 PM

Council members have an obligation to uphold the trust of the public and the dignity of the medical profession. I have faith that they will contribute to the Council with responsibility, dedication and commitment.

Thank you.



President/Returning Officer Malaysian Medical Council


29th January 2018

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