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Press Statement Malaysian Medical Council Secretariat (9th June 2018) – Update on Delays in Obtaining the Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)

  1. The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) has taken all possible measures to overcome the delays in the issuance of the Annual Practicing Certificates (APC’s). As such, we would like to inform all medical practitioners that any backlogs should be resolved within this month.
  1. As mentioned previously, medical practitioners are encouraged to utilise the MMC’s APC-Online system to apply for their APC’s to reduce delays. Applicants using the system will have their APC’s emailed to them as soft copy (e-APC) which can then be self-printed. Practitioners are strongly advised to update their email addresses when applying for their APC’s to ensure that they receive the e-APC.
  1. We would like to reiterate that the Council has decided that this e-APC should be accepted by all concerned parties. If there are any doubts regarding its validity, the concerned parties may conduct a primary source verification with the MMC’s Secretariat.
  1. Those still wishing to apply manually may do so; however, their APC’s will still be sent to them by email. Those requiring the hard copy of the certificate may make a request and their APC’s will then be posted to them.
  1. With regard to the recent problems (since Monday 4th June, 2018) with the MMC’s APC-Online system, the Secretariat would like to clarify that the issue was caused by technical difficulties faced by the bank providing the payment gateway and not the APC-Online system itself.
  1. This has caused practitioners being unable to proceed when making payment with their credit cards. However those paying by FPX (Financial Process Exchange) payment were still able to complete their transactions successfully. We are glad to inform that the concerned bank had resolved this situation by noon on Thursday, 7th June 2018 and the APC-Online system is now functioning as usual.
  1. The Secretariat would like to express our deepest regret for any inconveniences caused by the delay in the APC issuance and will henceforth endeavour to provide better service.

Thank you.


The Secretariat

Malaysian Medical Council.

9th June 2018

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